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JUNGHANS watch brand was born in 1861, by the Erhard Junghans brothers in the southern German province of Schlannberg town founded. Today, 150 years of history, the current German sales of the first German, with Germany's largest watch factory, is the 1972 Munich Olympic Games designated timetable.

The company began to produce wristwatches in 1927. Beginning in the 1950s, the Bauhaus designer Max Bill created clocks and watches for Junghans and the relationship lasted many years. A remarkable example of his work is a wall clock he designed in 1956/57 that is in the collection of The Museum of Modern Art (New York). Junghans brand series, including max bill, master series, ERHARD JUNGHANS, PERFORMANCE four series. Which max bill series and master series is its classic Junghans replica watch

Junghans in 1861 after the rapid development of the German watch industry in the history of the most compelling One of the success stories. Since then, people's demand for the watch industry is changing, but Junghans business philosophy has not changed. Until today, the spirit of innovation and excellence is always Junghans thought and behavior of the guidelines.The characteristics of a watch are largely reflected in the harmony of the design of her case and dial. Junghans different series of different functions, but the clear time display has always been, will always be the core of Junghans watch development.If you always like Junghans, but because of the price and discouraged, replica watch, is a very good choice, we Junghans replica watch the quality is very good, exquisite, durable, and cheap.

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