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Zenith invented the gyroscope as a general tourbillon frame and the level of constant escapement, so that the Zero-G Tourbillon device for the first time to truly overcome the impact of gravity purposes: to remove any gravity on the movement of the impact The "no gravity" era

Each piece of the partition on the dial is not on the same level, this layered design of the table stacking four anti-reflective sapphire glass surface in the above. 5 o'clock direction of the hollow tourbillon window gorgeous dizzy, can not always staring at, will be hypnotized.Of course, Defy Classic Zero-G is the most commendable place or its zero-gravity system.This type of instrument is very sensitive to the position change, always maintain the horizontal position, so as to ensure the best balance of the balance wheel.Zenith Zero-G replica watches

This interesting interpretation of a multi-axis tourbillon does something that is seemingly impossible. It takes a tourbillon carriage and sets it in a free-moving gyroscopic styled housing.Basically the bottom of the tourbillon always points down, no matter than position the watch is in. This is done by having a series of conical shaped regulator gears that follow the movement of the tourbillon escapement as it literally dangles around in the watch.Keeps the regulating organ perfectly aligned in the horizontal position. It automatically compensates for variation through the tourbillon cage – a 166-component affair. Put simply for now, the tourbillon here, in theory, negates the deleterious effects of gravity in all positions.If you are interested in Zenith Zero-G replica watches when you can click on the picture to enter our online mall browsing, we provide the best replica watch to ensure 100% customer satisfaction

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