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In 1962, Zenith will make El Primero's basic sketch on paper. The idea is simple: the development of a classic watch, in the watch factory in 1965 the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the launch. This idea is simple, but the specific implementation is not the case.Zenith El Primero replica watches

This will be the first in the history of the brand automatically on the chronograph. More wonderful is that the movement will be integrated into one design. Without the additional module, the entire movement will be built around a guide wheel and a ball bearing on a central rotor. This movement also in the vibration frequency to create a record, become the world's most accurate chronograph.Zenith has a place in the highly competitive list, and its legendary movement, El Primero.

Zenith as the inventor of the high vibration frequency chronograph, the meritorious movement El Primero is not only the real product when it is true, it is also one of the most famous movement in the history of the watch, in the precision of time to do Of the very good, and even the timing can be accurate to 1/10 seconds, and the secret lies in the balance of the balance wheel of the frequency, the other movement will be the fastest shock 8 times per second, and El Primero up to 10 times.To this end, the movement in the development also joined a number of innovative technologies, including long-term stability to ensure that the dry lubrication technology.A Zenith El Primero replica watches aims to showcase the same quality and precision that the original pieces stand for.Quality is a very important aspect that users look for in purchasing watches.So we offer the best quality replica watch.If you interested to go to our online mall to browse your favorite watch.

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